Year 9 Community Service Initiative

Year 9 has just completed a fundraiser for the Women’s Night Shelter at the Christchurch City Mission. Camille Perelini of 9Sb coordinated and organized this community service initiative. Camille spoke to Year 9 about the women’s needs for warmth and shelter, especially during a very cold winter. She told Year 9 that, “The Women’s Night Shelter is a place where homeless women go for warmth and food at night; it opens at 5pm and 8 women are let in. They receive supper, a shower, a bed to sleep in, and breakfast, before leaving at 8am the next morning. During the winter, it is especially important that the shelter gets certain items that their budget does not cover. The Women’s Night Shelter is also currently waiting for their brand new building to be finished and are in a temporary building that’s warmer than the footpath but still not the warmest.”

Year 9 collected scuff slippers, new socks, pre loved and new dressing gowns and pyjamas, milo and hot chocolate powder and scarfs or beanies. The photo shows Year 9’s donations being received at the Christchurch City Mission. Thanks to all of Year 9, Year 9 form tutors and their families for being so generous.

Erin Fitzpatrick, Year 9 Dean

Gray Crawford ( City Mission Manager), Camille Perelini and
Catherine Williamson ( Woman’s Night Shelter Manager)

Rangi Life