Year 8 engineers

Magnetic Minds, the Y8 team of girls from Rangi Ruru, have got through to the Canterbury finals of EPro8 Challenge. EPro8 is an engineering and problem solving race. The students build large scale structures that involve, electronics, motors, pulleys, gears and axels to invent machines that preform simple tasks.

The Rangi Ruru Magnetic Minds group go to Grand final and will compete at Heaton Intermediate between 5-8pm on Tuesday 4th of July.

They have already demonstrated strong problem solving skills in the first two rounds of this competition. Successfully building a laser to point at an asteroid and a 1m high bridge that spanned a 2m gap among other tasks to reach the Semi-Finals.

Mihiroa Pauling and Gabby Cusiel working together to construct the base of their theme park ride in the Semi Finals Kate Maw, Mihiroa Pauling, Gabby Cusiel and Aggie Weston – The Rangi Ruru Magnetic Minds Team


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