Win at Inaugural Mounted Games

Rangi Ruru riders have competed in the inaugural South Island Schools’ Mounted Games competition held in the Ellesmere Showgrounds at Leeston on 31 March. Riders from 16 teams, competed in pairs through 20 series of different games.

Alexis, Makie, Leah, Lily

Run in conjunction with the South Island Interschools’ Competition, the Rangi Ruru Gold pair of Leah Zydenbos and Lily Buckley were named Champions of the day.

Director of Equestrian, Pippa Young said there was a super sense of camaraderie amongst the riders who were well supported by knowledgeable and supportive MG players and officials.

“Leah must take much of the responsibility and most of the accolades for encouraging, coaching and supporting a group of four teams from Rangi Ruru. These girls must be proud of Leah, their school, their efforts on mounts new to games, and their successes today, and they showed their enjoyment,” said Ms Young.

Mounted Games is a fast paced, action packed discipline with riders and mounts displaying an incredible amount of fitness, training and skill.  Riders must be athletic and strong with wonderful horsemanship skills and great hand to eye coordination.  Ponies are required to be nimble, fast, strong and brave but most of all must have a great brain!  There are over 30 games which are played worldwide in more than 20 countries.

Rangi Ruru results

Winners of the Pairs – Leah Zydenbos & Lily Buckley

Champions of the South Island Mounted Games Interschools Championship and winners of the new trophy – Leah & Lily

Fourth in the A Final – Makie White & Alexis Harmon [incredible effort, since both these riders were new to mounted games]

Second in the B final – Issy Ussher & Brianna Bailey

Seventh in the B final – India Borrelli & Jemima Seddon-Smith

6 April 2017

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