What to Bring to Camp

* Warm sleeping bag
* Pillow
* Towel and Toilet gear
* Sun block and hat and sunglasses
* A personal First Aid Kit – painkillers, inhalers, sticking plaster, anti-histamines, etc.
* Small amount of money (maybe an ice cream at the pools!)
* Plastic mug
* Torch
* Casual clothing for evening including shoes
* Swimming togs and towel

Your gear can be either in a pack or a suitcase.

Gear for activities must include:

* Small Day Pack
* Woollen socks ( plus spare pair)
* Waterproof parka
* Beanie, gloves
* ‘Polyprop’ or merino tops
* Warm fleece or woollen top (plus spare)
* Shorts
* Comfortable walking shoes or trainers
* Plastic bag for dirty clothes
* Drink bottle

Please ensure that all personal gear is clearly named!

Be prepared for all weather conditions and make sure you have sufficient polypropylene, fleece or wool clothing to
allow for changeable weather conditions.

Do not bring hairdryers/straighteners, or aerosol sprays.
Leave behind iPods, other media devices and valuables as the school cannot take responsibility for loss or damage to these.
Normal school rules will apply.

Bring lunch, including a drink and snacks on Sunday.

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