Welcome to New Director of Boarding

“Teenagers are so much fun.”


Kyleigh Lyth with Boarders

There’s no questioning the dedication to teenage girls when talking to Rangi Ruru’s new Director of Boarding, Kyleigh Lyth, she simply loves her job. In fact it’s more than a job, it’s a career.

“We are here to make a positive difference,” she says. “When these girls have long left school, things like who they are, their sense of identity, how they deal with relationships – it’s here they learn and practice those really important parts of growing up.”

Kyleigh started at Rangi Ruru this year and lives on site with her husband and three teenaged children. She has come from heading school boarding houses and was in a boarding house herself as a young girl.

“You know what I remember about boarding? The kindness. Not from one person in particular; it was all around, all the time. We learnt life skills and values which played a big role in making us who we are today.”

Kyleigh says in the Rangi Ruru boarding house, the student’s whole family is part of the boarding experience.

“We have special boarding events which involve families as much as we can. Having fun is one of the most important things to us.”

Being a Year 7-13 boarding house, there’s support for every girl regardless of her age and interests. Whether it’s preparing seniors who will be going flatting, or making sure the girls know about staying healthy; it’s all on offer. There’s not enough space to tell you about the facilities, the individual pastoral care plans and mindfulness focus, the modern technology or the amazing food so Kyleigh would love prospective families to come and see for themselves.


28 March 2017

Rangi Life