Walking the tightrope – Netsafe event

Walking the tightrope: The balancing act between social media, online safety, engagement and illusion

NetSafe is a national organisation that is keeping it real with their positive approach to technology and today’s opportunities and challenges. Their purpose is to enable NZ parents, caregivers, educators and young people to be confident user of technology and make the most of digital opportunities by providing practical tools and advice to minimise online harm.

Anjela Webster, Education Advisor for Netsafe will be presenting a session for parents and students highlighting the issues surrounding young people and their use of digital devices. Anjela is an entertaining speaker who completed her Master’s in Education with a focus on the support available to youth to help navigate challenges and opportunities online.

Date: 7th August
Where: The Gibson Centre
Time: 7:00pm – 8.30pm
Cost: $10 adults or $15 parent & daughter together

Primarily aimed at Year 9 to Year 11, but all welcome.

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