Update on Public Transport for students

To all Greater Christchurch Schools.

Kia ora

As the 2022 school year is due to start next week we are updating you on the situation for your students on both Metro buses and school buses that Metro run along side the urban network. .

Good News

  • The child fare now includes all children under 19. So, people 18 years and younger pay the child fare. On a metrocard this is $1.50 for each ride with a $3 cap/day. As a person’s date of birth is on their card the metrocards will automatically recognise who is eligible for a child fare.
  • Timetables for all Metro buses, except the Orbiter, will be back to normal schedule on Monday 31st
  • The Orbiter will be on a new 15 min frequency timetable. This newly created schedule will service peak times better than the Saturday schedule that has been in operation since early December. It is planned to return to the previous 10 min frequency Orbiter schedule when the operators bus driver shortage is no longer an issue.


  • Face masks are now mandatory on buses for all passengers unless you are under year 4 or have a medical reason for an exemption.
  • This includes school buses.
  • Please be aware that some of the bus drivers have medical exemptions and therefore will not be wearing a mask.
  • Top up your metrocard. Online is the easiest way and you can setup an automatic top up with a minimum of $10


Thank you for supporting Metro

From the Metro team.

Rangi Life