Trees planted at Rangi Ruru

Rangi Ruru recently had a planting session with trees given to the school as part of the Paper4Trees recycling scheme.

Rangi Ruru gardener, Dan Dennehy with girls planting native trees outside Mana Wahine

Paper4trees rewards schools and preschools nationwide for recycling their paper and cardboard by giving them native trees to plant.

As a school with a social conscience and a focus on wellbeing, Rangi Ruru students develop a strong sense of caring and responsibility for others, for themselves and for the planet. A number of initiatives the school has implemented including separating waste at source into reusable compost, recycling and landfill, have resulted in a reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfill by 58% in one year.

Isabella Gregory (Year 12) is the new Head of Sustainability for 2017 and has been actively involved this year, and next year she will be promoting making healthy choices both personally and for the planet.

Director of Sustainability, Kate Rivers says “Next year, we will be working towards our goal to become a carbon neutral school.”

19 November 2016

Rangi Life