Swimming Sports

Full attendance expected. This is an important day for school and clan spirit and there is an event for everybody! Get involved for maximum enjoyment.

Monday 11th March – Jellie Park

Junior 9.45am – 11.30am
Senior 11.45am – 1.30pm

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  • Wear full sports uniform or clan gear on the bus (with your togs on underneath). If you are making your own way to or from Jellie Park please inform your tutor teacher. You are allowed to arrive in Clan gear.
  • Everyone must wear sports shoes. No jandals/Birkenstocks/slides etc!
  • Don’t forget your clan caps. Need to wear one to get clan points. There will be some available at the pool.
  • Year’s 7 – 10 must be at school at 9.00am. Come to the Helen Kitson Function Centre. You will be taken from here to the buses, which will leave from Rossall St at 9.15am. You are welcome to meet at the pool if easier than coming to school but please let your Tutor teacher know. The buses will bring the Juniors back to school following the session at approx. 11.30am or girls can make their own way home straight from the pool (as long as their Tutor teacher knows).
  • Seniors can either leave from school on the bus at 11.15am or meet at the pool at 11.30am. Their session begins SHARPLY at 12pm. Once again, buses will be returning to school following their session end at 1.30pm or girls can go directly home.
  • Once at the pool, congregate outside the main doors. You will be let into the pool area via a side door. Once inside, move to your designated Clan area.
  • Junior session will begin with Clan Chant and Boarder/Day-girl Umbrella Race. Senior session will begin with the Haka and the Boarder/Day-girl Raft Race.
  • IMPORTANT: Competitive swimmers need to ensure they are swimming with their right age group. This might mean you need to attend a different session than your peers if you are a competitive swimmer.
  • No face paint, feathers, tinsel or balloons or water bombs. Keep well away from the edge. No pushing in. Move around the pool in a clockwise direction.
  • Clean up your clan area at the end.
  • NOTE – limited changing facilities mean you will need to put your clothes on over your togs to return to school or home.


By Mandy Anderson


2019 Junior Program   Word, 53 KB
2019 Senior Program   Word, 51.5 KB
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