Student Magazine First for Rangi Ruru

26 October 2016

Rangi Ruru will next week launch its first magazine written, edited and designed solely by its students.

Inspired by the school name (translated to English Rangi Ruru means Wide Sky Shelter), the 144 page magazine is called SHELTER and takes the best of our student voice, reflecting the diverse thinking and content created by girls from all levels of the school.

Drawing from the Rangi Ruru values, the first issue, named the Respect Edition, explores treatment of others, expression of thought, interactions and how respect can be more widely applied.

The concept of student generated magazines isn’t a new one, however, in recent years these publications have declined dramatically to the point where it is believed that Rangi Ruru will now be the only school in the country to produce a magazine solely directed by its students.

The school’s Head of Media Students, Jude Morgan says this is not only due to the cost but also to the introduction of digital and social media.

“In recent years print media hasn’t been popular with students as we all move to an online word. But what we are seeing now is a regeneration of traditional and print media and demand for high quality publications that people can spend time reading and actually disconnecting from digital devices,” said Ms Morgan.

Jude Morgan says that SHELTER is unique in that it nurtures and celebrates the diverse talents of the school community, driven by the students themselves.

“We’re really committed to promoting student voice, critical thinking and creativity through excellence in all forms of visual communication and design. It was really important to us that SHELTER has engaging and relevant content supported by extremely high production values. Essentially we wanted to produce a publication that would be coffee table worthy, with unique, outstanding content – a real collector’s item,” said Ms Morgan.

Editor, Mollie Carruthers (Year 13) says she jumped at the chance to work on the project because it gives a voice to students who might not otherwise have the confidence to express themselves publicly.

“Being a quiet person myself I’m proud to be a part of something that is right up my alley, in the sense it isn’t about being a certain personality or a public speaker, says Mollie. “A strong voice is not always one that is loud.”

“We’re really proud of this first edition and are excited to share the magazine with the school’s current community and alumnae and in fact anyone who has an interest in girls’ education, art, design and expression,” adds Mollie.

Guests will also have the opportunity to preview the One Day Art Display from 6.00-7.30pm. This is an exhibition of Visual Arts students’ work from all levels of the school. Student photography, printmaking, painting, design, film and print work will be displayed in the Art and Technology classrooms. It will then be open to the public on Tuesday 1 November from 8.00am – 5.00pm.

SHELTER is available for sale for $17.50 from (Rangi Ruru students and staff can purchase at the discounted rate of $12.50).

SHELTER is an annual print magazine produced by Rangi Ruru students.

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