Rangi Ruru student interviewed on Spanish TV

Elise a student at Rangi but is spending a year in Spain on an AFS exchange. She will return to Rangi year 11 in term 3. Elise has spent the year in Barcelona and so has been immersed in Spanish language (castellano) at home and with friends, and has learned Catalan ab initio as her school teaches in Catalan only.

The week before Easter is called Semana Santa (Holy Week) and during that week Elise joined other AFS students from around the world who are also on exchange in Spain and they walked the Camino de Santiago, on the Portuguese route (from Portugal’s border to Santiago in north-west Spain). At the end of the walk they were interviewed for Spanish TV.

The interview is at 54:10 and Elise speaks twice.


We look forward to welcoming you home to Rangi in Term 3.

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