Rangi Ruru Launches Stellar Music Programme

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Dr Sandra Hastie, Dame Malvina Major and Janet Kingsbury at the launch of the Stellar Music Programme

Stunning! A word heard many times at The Piano last night, Thursday 18 August as a new music programme that will foster musical talent was launched by Rangi Ruru Girls’ School.


The Stellar Music Programme will give talented musicians the opportunity to study and practice music at a high level while also accessing all the academic, sporting and creative opportunities available at Rangi Ruru.

With a large number of current and former Rangi Ruru music scholars present, and a Cultural Concert performance immediately following the launch, the breadth and depth of talent was obvious.

Dame Malvina Major is the Patron of the new programme and was the special guest at the launch last night. She says Rangi Ruru is to be commended on the Stellar initiative.

“I am thrilled to endorse the Stellar Music Programme which will nurture and develop the talent of outstanding students,” she says. “A programme like this inspires students to do their best and strive to achieve excellence. Having access to like-minded musicians, who are leaders in their field, is incredibly valuable, helping a student to grow their musical talent. Rangi Ruru Girls’ School is to be commended on this initiative.”

Details of the programme were presented to parents, alumnae and students last night, by Rangi Ruru’s Director of Music, Janet Kingsbury. She says the school’s current music programme is held in very high esteem and the Stellar Programme will only add to it.

“Stellar will create further opportunities for the musically gifted current and new students,” Janet Kingsbury says. “We already work with creative and forward thinking musicians who are leaders in their field and we want to grow that.”

Within a personalised learning environment this innovative school music programme will:
· Offer a number of new music scholarships and grants
· Enhance the current music programme with further opportunities to learn through additional workshops and masterclasses
· Invite local, national and international talent to mentor and inspire

Following the official launch, the school’s Cultural Concert in the main auditorium showcased some of the outstanding musical talent at Rangi Ruru this year including recent gold and silver medal winners from the Chamber Music nationals and Southern Jam competition.

Former Rangi Ruru music scholar Amy Ga Hee Lee, who left school at the end of 2014 is one of New Zealand’s finest young pianists and now studies Medicine in Auckland. She was at the Stellar launch and Cultural Concert and said the opportunities she had at Rangi, opened doors beyond just education.

“At Rangi Ruru I had opportunities that not only nurtured my development as a musician, but also challenged me to help shape who I am today,” she said last night.

Principal Dr Sandra Hastie says Rangi Ruru is on a mission to deliver an innovative school music programme within a personalised learning environment.

“The Stellar Programme will give girls the opportunity to study and practice music at a high level while also accessing all the academic, sporting and creative opportunities available at Rangi Ruru,” she says.

To learn more about the Stellar Programme visit http://www.rangiruru.school.nz/music or contact Director of Music, Janet Kingsbury on 03 983 3735 or j.kingsbury@rangiruru.school.

If you could like to know more about supporting the Stellar Programme visit http://www.rangiruru.school.nz/our-programmes/co-curricular/music/stellar-music-programme or contact Director of Development, Bridget Woodham on 027 430 8936 or b.woodham@rangiruru.school.nz

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