Rangi Ruru Hosts Gifted Education Symposium

 On 10 June CAGE (Canterbury Association for Gifted Education) held a full day symposium at Rangi Ruru Girls’ School titled Personalised Learning: adding depth and complexity to the classroom programme.


Brooke Trenwith’s presentation to Rangi Ruru staff

Keynote speakers were Dr Kate Niederer – Fanning the Flames: Providing challenge for gifted students and Professor Angus Macfarlane – Maori gifted students.  We also featured nationally renowned workshop presenters Brooke Trenwith and Robyn Boswell. In addition there were classroom teachers presenting from all sectors across the South Island

Brooke gave an engaging presentation early in the day with Rangi Ruru teaching staff, exploring personalised learning for the gifted student and NCEA. She spoke about the different ways a teacher can differentiate the standards and the complexity and depth of learning that this encourages.

Participants chose three practical workshop, from a selection including:

  • identifying and providing for mathematically gifted students (both sectors)
  • using the nature of science to motivate gifted students (primary/intermediate)
  • tools for getting started with personalising your programme (secondary)
  • personalising a creative writing process (both sectors)
  • NCEA and personalised learning for gifted students (secondary)
  • Socratic questioning (secondary)
  • using philosophy in the classroom (intermediate/primary)
  • developing young independent thinkers who care (primary)
  • using ICT (both sectors)
  • Two Minute Noodles (primary/intermediate).

Rangi Ruru’s GATE Coordinator, Petra Dyer said it was an interesting, productive and thoroughly collegial day enjoyed by everyone.

“We are lucky to have great expert knowledge in this field in New Zealand and to be able to tap into that knowledge so easily,” said Ms Dyer.

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