Rangi Ruru Collects Books for Donation to Children

A fantastic initiative from by Year 13 student, Livvy Pride has seen the school collect in excess of 2000 books which will be gifted to children in need.


Yr13BookCommittee_Karen Zhang, Megan Liddell, Kirstin Liddell, Livvy Pride and Bea Pallett_web

Year 13 Book Committee – Karen Zhang, Megan Liddell, Kirstin Liddell, Livvy Pride and Bea Pallett

With a goal of inspiring greater widespread generosity of spirit (one of the five Rangi Values), Livvy together with the Book Club and Library Committee set a goal of collecting 500 books.

Livvy talks about the initiative and plans for the books.

Why did you decide to collect the books?

I thought it would be an effective way to support schools in our own community who aren’t as fortunate as us. We had lots of books growing up and all they were doing was sitting in the shelf unread. I figured that at a school like ours there would be lots of girls lucky enough to have books that they don’t need any more.

How many books were donated?

We received over 2100 books, which we were quite surprised by. Originally we didn’t have an end date to the collection, but when we did put a deadline on it the collection quadrupled.

Were you collecting any particular types of books?

Children’s chapter books and picture books.

How did you go about collecting the books?

We advertised it to the school and we made it a competition between classes. Everyone was kept up to date on progress with a ‘book-o-meter’ and regular emails and Facebook posts.

Who are they going to be given to?

Christchurch East School

Why did you choose this school?

I was told that we have had associations with Christchurch East in the past, so I decided that it would be a good idea to support them.

Who was involved in coming up with this idea?

Originally Book Club and the Librarians were going to have a bookarama in which people would bring in books and we would sell them on to give the money to a charity. However the Library Committee and Library staff decided it would be more effective to give the books directly.

Is there anything about this project that you’d like to add?

I want to thank all the classes and staff who brought in books – it was great to see so many of the classes being very generous with the collection. 9Bt brought in over 400 books, and 9Bn and 10Nc collected over 300. We even had a donation from the preschool. Plus the majority of classes collected over 20 books, which equated to about one book per girl.

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