New student leadership team for 2019

Last week we announced our new student leadership team for 2019! Congratulations to the following girls:

  • Head of School: Rachel McSweeny
  • Head of Arts: Lucy Bryden
  • Head of Boarding: Alice Graham
  • Head of Community: Imogen Bell
  • Head of Service: Mette van Pallandt
  • Head of Sport: Isabella Inkson
  • Head of Sustainability: Rosetta Brown
  • Head of Wellbeing: Samantha Summerfield
  • Head of Clan Leaders: Amelia Wilson
  • Heads of Balmoral: Sophie Nelson & Jemima Porter
  • Heads of Braemar: Roisin Cassidy & Niamh Kilpatrick
  • Heads of Doune: Eilish Malloch & Amber Williams
  • Heads of Dunvegan: Raine Gurnsey & Olivia Noonan
  • Heads of Glamis: Kate Halliday & Millie Knight
  • Heads of Stirling: Mikayla Smith & Amelia Wilson


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