NCEA & Scholarship Results 2019

Congratulations to 2019 students and their successes in NCEA and NZ Scholarship Examinations.

NCEA Results 2019

We are very proud of our girls’ outstanding 2019 NCEA results, some of our strongest ever results.

NCEA (Level 1): 100% (93% Merit or Excellence)

NCEA (Level 2): 98.2% (84% Merit or Excellence)

NCEA (Level 3): 99.0% (80% Merit or Excellence)

University Entrance: 99.0% (National school average in 2019 – 46.8%)

Scholarship Results 2019

Scholarship acknowledges high level critical and analytical thinking and we are delighted with this outcome. Well done girls!

These are awarded at two levels, the subject with Scholarship (around 3% of the Level 3 cohort in that subject) and with Outstanding Performance for the very few at the top.

Overall results: 21 Scholarships including 5 at Outstanding Performance.

Lucy Anderson: English and Geography

Rosetta Brown: Painting, Design, Outstanding Performance in Printmaking

Georgina Currie: Chemistry and Statistics

Emily Davey: Music and Outstanding Performance in English

Libby Dyson: Photography

Kate Edwards: Chemistry

Sarah Lawrence: Drama and Geography, Outstanding Performance in English and Music

Holly Lewis: Design

Alice Nixon: Photography

Victoria Park: Outstanding Performance in Music

Holly Patchett: Printmaking

Mette van Pallandt: Painting and Photography

By Juliet Collins, Assistant Principal, Curriculum

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