CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for their selection in these outstanding National Music Events.


National Chamber Music Semi-finals and Finals.

From the Regional Finals of 36 groups nationwide (of which Rangi had three groups in the South Island Finals), only 12 groups are chosen for the National Semi Finals.  Of these 12, Rangi has two places.  Congratulations to Sarah Lawrence, Eugene In and Valerie Xiang (members of Matryoshka), and Rachel McSweeney, Lucy Costelloe and Yuna Chon (member of the Bohuslav Trio).  It is very difficult to get to this level, so the girls can feel very proud of this achievement.  There are only four Christchurch groups in the Nationals, so for Rangi to have two of these is pretty special.  The Nationals are in Christchurch on Friday August 3rd, and Saturday August 4th.

Big Sing Finale

Congratulations to Resolutions, and Director Helen Charlton, on once again winning a place in the 2018 Big Sing National Finale, one of only 24 choirs from throughout New Zealand to be selected.  Again, it is very difficult to get to this level, so is a great achievement for Resolutions to be one of only five choirs from Christchurch selected for this national event.

Thank you everyone who have been supportive of these talented girls.

Mrs Janet Kingsbury (Director of Music)

Rangi Life