Junior Space School

Term 2 holidays were something to look forward too. Holly, Shahd, Greer and I were off to Space Camp with 40 more people.

We left on Monday the 8th of July on a nice short flight to Auckland. Then at 7:45pm, we had a long, annoying 14-hour flight to good old Houston. On arrival, we took our bus to the hotel we were staying at. We were welcomed by the Australians, Americans and Staff. That night we had an amazing talk by Jonathan Catherman (search him up if you don’t know him). He talked to us about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. The following night, we had the same talk but Part 2. During the day we would go out and do cool things like go the Houston Health Muesum where we dissected a shark! We also went shopping and tried out the Houston food. Once the week was over, it was time to catch a fast 2-hour flight to Nashville, Tennessee. We got off the plane, grabbed our bags, hoped on our bus and took a short 1 hour and a half drive to Huntsville, Alabama. Alabama was a blast! Literally. While in Alabama, the whole Space Camp group including over 1000 other kids from all over the world, watched a World Record in the making. I got to see 5000 rockets launch! Mini-rockets that is. During the week, we had missions, group activities and fun things to do. While in Alabama, the place we were staying, there was a ride called ‘Moon Shot’. It was so much fun. It was a ride that all the theme parks needed, to be called a theme park. It was a high tower, 150 feet tall and my friends and I decided to take a shot. That day, we did it about 7 times singing ‘Sweet Caroline’. Our last was super sad, personally, I think everyone had a tear in their eye. Graduation made us official Alumni of the USA Space School. The next day was a early start at 6am to pack up, and drive back to Tennessee. From Nashville to Houston, Houston to Auckland and Auckland to Christchurch, it was the best time of my life! I loved every second of it so much meeting new people and making memories. The worst part about it, is that I’m still jet lagged a week later. 

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By Nyah Reweti


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