Intouch – Week 6, Term 3 2019

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Friday 30 September
Big Sing Finale
NZSS Basketball Jnr Premiership (30th-3rd)
SS Tour- Cycling (30th-1st)

Saturday 31 August
NZSS Basketball Jnr Premiership (31st-3rd)

Monday 2 September
NZSS Hockey – Marie Fry Trophy (2nd-7th)
NZSS Hockey – Chris Arthur Cup 2nd Xl (2nd-6th)
NZSS Football – Gary Snowden Tournament (2nd-5th)
SISS Netball Tournament (2nd-5th)
9:30am Avonhead School (2nd-5th)
8:35am Music Festival rehearsal – Year 7

Wednesday 4 September
8:00am NZSS Basketball AA Premierships (4th-7th)

Thursday 5th September
9:00am Inspire her Seminar TBC Yr 7 & 8

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