Intouch – Week 1 , Term 1 2019

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Welcome back!

Commencement Dates & Times

Saturday 26 January

9am-1pm All existing Boarders and those new to Years 10,11,12 report in to Boarding House (lunch and orientation)

2pm – Sunday evening Boarders’ Retreat

Monday 28 January

10am Clan Leaders Meeting

10.15am Senior Leaders Meeting

11am and after lunch Student Leadership Team Meeting

1.30-2.30pm Year 9-12 remaining subject changes with Deans

1.30-3.30pm Peer Support Training

9am-2.30pm Year 9 Orientation Day (Gibson Centre)

10am-2.30pm Year 7 Orientation Day (Gibson Centre)

10.20am Form Seniors arrive

11am-2.30pm Other new students Orientation Day (Gibson Centre)

11.30am-1.30pm School tour; Sport EXPO; BBQ lunch (provided)

1.30pm onwards, any remaining subject changes (Deans’ offices)

2.30pm School ends; “Getting Connected” mop-up session for new students (Gibson Centre)

Tuesday 29 January

8.25am All year levels “Connecting Time” (Tutor rooms)

10am Powhiri

12.45-1.35pm Carnival

3.30pm School ends

Wednesday 30 January

8.25am School begins – Connecting Time

8.25am-3.30pm Photos

12.45pm Lunch and Clubs and Activities EXPO

2.30pm School ends Years 9, 11, 12,13;

Year 10 swimming prelims (arrangements can be made for another time should girls be unable to make the afterschool session due to a prior commitment)

3.30pm School ends Years 7 and 8

Thursday 31 January

8.25am-3.30pm Normal timetable

12.45pm Lunch and Clubs and Activities EXPO

Friday 1 February

8.25-3.30pm Normal timetable

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Key Dates for 2019

  • Term 1: 28 Jan – 5 April
  • Term 2: 29 April – 5 July
  • Term 3: 29 July – 27 Sept
  • Term 4: 14 Oct – 4 Dec
  • Prizegiving: Wednesday evening, 4th Dec
  • Leavers’ Ball: Thursday evening, 5th Dec


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