Inspirational Results from NCEA in 2015

We are very proud of the girls’ 2015 NCEA results. The results are a team effort – the teaching and learning within school, the support and encouragement of families and a concerted and sustained effort to achieve personal success from each girl.

The school’s statistics, based on the provisional results, indicate that the girls were very successful in their assessments, both internal and external, for 2015. The number of certificates gained with endorsements is wonderful and the girls are to be congratulated for this. Gaining an endorsed certificate is a goal well worth striving for and is available to those who commit themselves to a rigorous programme of study, particularly at the academically uncompromising Level 3. Behind these statistics lie personal achievements for each individual girl, and we acknowledge and celebrate this.

At this stage the results are provisional, to allow for papers to be sent back for reconsideration. Final results will be published by the end of March. Scholarship results should be available from mid-February.

Level 1 – 93.8%
Level 2 – 100%
Level 3 – 94.8%
UE – 93.9%

Course Endorsements

Students who have achieved 50 credits at merit or excellence level gain an endorsed certificate to acknowledge their success. At each year level, a significant number of girls have gained endorsements and we congratulate them on their achievements. Of particular note are the sensational Excellence endorsements for Level 1 certificates – a staggering total.

NCE provisional results

Our Academic Awards Assembly on Friday 22 February will recognise the top academic achievements from NCEA last year in the form of Colours or Pockets.

Documentation for student appeals and other NCEA is available on the NZQA website.

Subject Endorsements

Endorsements at subject level provide good incentives for students who excel in some subjects in particular. These endorsements are based on at least 14 credits at Merit or Excellence level. Again, results are provisional until the end of March, but early indications are that most of the girls received at least one course endorsement at Merit or Excellence. It is also exciting to see that some have gained Excellence endorsements for all, or most of, their courses.

The Tertiary sector and employers are interested in the levels of grades that a student receives in her courses rather than just her credit totals. Excellence and Merit grades indicate the student has applied herself to study, taken up second opportunities when possible and striven to achieve the best possible result.

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