Help Mya Cherry Regain her Quality of Life Back

Mya is a 16 year old Rangi student who has a severely compressed spinal cord. When it was discovered this year she underwent urgent surgery. Unfortunately the corrective surgery has worsened her situation. After the surgery she woke with very limited movement and strength, and has basically had to learn to walk again. She requires intense rehab treatment in Australia in an attempt regain movement and strength.

Mya is such a special young lady with a positive attitude and a personality most parents dream of their children having, she just needs some extra support and help so she can enjoy the rest of her teenage years and beyond to the rest of her life. We believe Mya deserves every opportunity she can get.

If you would like to help the family out, a Give a Little page has been created for them.

Mya’s sister Bree is also a student at Rangi, and their mother Carla is an Old Girl.

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