Founders Day 2017

Every year at Rangi Ruru Girls’ School we join to celebrate those who founded our school. Founded in 1889 by Miss Helen Gibson and the Gibson sisters our schools name Rangi Ruru was suggested in 1891 by a Maori Chief of Rapaki Pa, Paora Taki translated means “wide sky shelter”. Founders Day was established by Lesley Anderson who was a former Principal of Rangi Ruru. We mark this occasion with a special cake made by one of our amazing staff members Kate Rivers.

Our head of school Meg Dutton and the youngest student Juliet Park are given the honour of leading the cake into our school chapel for the service.

This year we have two students who are direct descendants of the Gibson Family. Olivia Yankov-Reid’s Great, Great Grandfather, Thomas Gibson was a brother to the Gibson Sisters. Evie Laidlaw’s Great, Great Grandfather, Frederick Gibson was also a brother to the Gibson Sisters. In honour of this we asked them this year to light our school candles during the service.

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