Former Rangi student heads to the US

By Julia Evans, published in The Star, 29th September 2017 –see original

“From actor James Franco to Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, the Rhode Island School of Design has produced some artistic greats.

And one day Amy Huang, a former Rangi Ruru Girls’ School student, will be on the list of alumni.

The 19-year-old has flown to the United States to take up a place in the fine arts programme, based in Providence.

Ms Huang will be able to cross-register her classes against the same offered at the Ivy League Brown University.

And the Rhode Island school wasn’t her only option in the states.

Ms Huang was also accepted into Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University, which Andy Warhol attended, and she made the waiting list for Harvard University.

“The Rhode Island School of Design is well known and respected for its arts faculty, in fact it is probably the most prestigious university in that area of study, so I am thrilled,” she said.

But Ms Huang is fully aware it’s not going to be an easy ride – she’s ready to work hard at something she is passionate about.

“I look at this as an investment into my future,” she said.

Ms Huang was the dux of Rangi Ruru in 2016.

She plans on studying in the US for four or five years before she graduates with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.”

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