Exams Going Ahead Tuesday 15 November

NZQA has announced that NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship exams will proceed tomorrow, Tuesday 15 November 2016, as planned.

The school has also received the following additional advice from NZQA today.

NZQA has been advised by the Ministry of Education that based on the current situation we expect that most schools that are closed today are likely to be to open tomorrow.

In the interest of minimising impacts on students across New Zealand, NZQA has therefore decided to proceed with exams, but to provide emergency derived grades for students where necessary.

NZQA wish all students well during this exam period and acknowledge that the earthquakes are placing additional pressure on some students. We are confident that proceeding, while providing for emergency derived grades as necessary, is the best way of minimising these impacts.

NZQA is working closely with schools and will continue to do so over the coming days to learn more about how schools have been affected and how students are being supported.

If students or parents have any questions about NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship exams, and to discuss students capacity to complete their exams, they should contact their school directly in the first instance. 

Information for NCEA students:

If your school is closed tomorrow, you do not need to go to the exam. You will be eligible for a derived grade.

There is an established process that allows students to apply for a derived grade in exceptional circumstances. If you are in an affected area, and you sit the exam and believe your performance is impacted as a result of the earthquakes, you can apply for a derived grade. 

Information for New Zealand Scholarship students:

For New Zealand Scholarship students whose school is closed, NZQA is working with your school to look at options for where you will sit your exam.

What is the emergency derived grade process?

The purpose of the emergency derived grade is to ensure that no student is disadvantaged in achieving to their full potential due to school, regional or national emergency. If a student is unable to take part in all or some of the national end-of-year NCEA exams, their school can use standard specific work (such as practice exams) they produced during the school year to submit a recommended grade to NZQA.

Emergency derived grades are a process to address exceptional circumstances such as Monday mornings events.

Applications for emergency derived grades are made to NZQA by schools.

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