There are a wide variety of resources available from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to assist you with understanding NCEA. Further information provided by NZQA will be added to this page during the year as it becomes available. If you have any questions about NCEA, contact Assistant Principal-Curriculum, Ms Juliet Collins.

You may also like to download the NCEA Student App. The free NCEA Student App has been developed to help students track their NCEA credit progress and set goals for their NCEA achievement. Although there are other apps available to students, the NCEA Student App provides an officially maintained database of standards and a goal-setting function. We encourage students to look at all the apps available and to use the one that suits them best.


NCEA Assessment Resources

Misconduct during an NQF Event

NCEA Course Endorsement Guide

NZQA Certificate Instructions

Students’ absence from school at the time of an assessment (including provision of medical certificates for assessment purposes)

Student Guide to Rangi Ruru Assessment Practices


NCEA Appeal Resources

Appeal Procedure

Application to Appeal an Assessment Result


NCEA Resources

Managing Authenticity – Mythbuster 3

Resubmission – Mythbuster 4

Further Assessment Opportunity – Mythbuster 5


NCEA Authenticity Resources

Authenticity Declaration

Authenticity Policy

Authenticity Procedure for Assuring in Student Work


NCEA Derived Grades

Derived Grades Guidelines

Derived grades are for exam candidates who, just before or during the examinations, suffer

  • a temporary illness,
  • trauma ( i.e. a deeply distressing or disturbing experience) or misadventure (i.e. an event beyond their control),
  • another serious event.

The illness, trauma or event must have a clear and observable detrimental effect on the candidate’s performance and/or attendance.

Candidates should sit the examination where-ever possible.

Candidates who sit the examination but believe that their performance was significantly impaired by the illness, trauma or event, or were unable to sit the examination should apply for a derived grade.

Applications must refer to events of a medical or non-medical nature that:

  • have clearly had a significant effect on the candidate during the examination
  • stopped the candidate from attending the examination.

The full guidelines can be viewed on the NZQA website here.

Derived Grades Application Forms

Download the form here.



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