Congratulations to Year 13 Scholarships Winners (updated)

We are thrilled to announce the long list of Rangi Ruru Year 13 girls who have been awarded University Entrance Scholarships for 2016. Our warmest congratulations to the following girls.


From over 1500 applications, Karen Hu, Hanna Malloch, Maisie Nattrass and Nicole Smith will receive University of Auckland Top Achievers Scholarships.

Excellence Scholarship from Victoria University have been awarded to a large number of girls this year, including:

  • Abigail Barber
  • Hannah Davies
  • Kimberley Gee
  • Georgia Harris
  • Georgia Hawley
  • Victoria Helms
  • Karen Hu
  • Molly Hygate
  • Jung su Lee
  • Sophie Lee
  • Hanna Malloch
  • Jaimee Miller
  • Abigail O’Regan
  • Brittany O’Rourke
  • Electra Scott
  • Haley Stephens

Five girls have been awarded the University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow and Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship: Georgia Harris, Georgia Hawley, Maria Milkina, Jaimee Miller and Lucy Na.

A further six girls have been awarded the University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Entrance Scholarship: Molly Hygate, Nicole Jackson, Gabi Newman, Claudia Roxburgh, Chanel Sullivan and Zoe Swift.

In addition, Willa Jones has received an Alumni Appeal Entrance Scholarship from the University of Otago.

The University of Canterbury has awarded four scholarships to three girls: Danielle Ackland receives the College of Business and Law Young Enterprise Scheme Student of the Year Scholarship, Georgia Hawley receives the College of Business and Law Award for Excellence and Nicole Smith has been granted both the UC Engineering Top Scholars Award and UC Emerging Leaders Scholarship. Hanna Malloch has also been awarded the UC Emerging Leaders Scholarship.

Pia Petersen has been awarded the Lincoln University Future Leaders Scholarship.

Massey University have also awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s High Achievers Scholarship (Academic) to Cassie Henderson and Harmony Zhou.

Announcements from other Universities and tertiary institutions are yet to be made.

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