Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team, comprised of eight Student Leaders and twelve Clan Leaders works collaboratively to celebrate the school’s vision. We are at our strongest when we stand together. Our goal is for all students to feel a true sense of belonging, surrounded by supportive and encouraging peers.​


2022 Student Leadership Team


Head of School                          –        Maggie Craw

Head of Boarding                     –        Millie Bushell

Head of Community                –        Meg Crump

Head of Arts                               –        Lucy Aitken

Head of Service                         –        Holly Lill

Head of Sport                             –        Emily Jackson

Head of Sustainability            –        Alice Gambrill

Head of Wellbeing                    –        Shahd Khanafer


Head of Clan Leaders              –        Livi Eathorne-Godfrey

Heads of Balmoral                    –       Lily Parkinson, Holly White

Heads of Braemar                     –       Livi Eathorne-Godfrey, Sienna O’Shannessey

Heads of Doune                          –       Gabby Cusiel, Abby Reid

Heads of Dunvegan                   –       Lucy Leech, Lucinda Turnbull

Heads of Glamis                         –        Jess Cooper, Sarah Wilcox

Heads of Stirling                        –        Gemma Beckett, Evie Laidlaw



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