Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team, comprised of eight Student Leaders and twelve Clan Leaders work collaboratively to celebrate the school’s vision of Strength in Sisterhood. We are at our strongest when we stand together. Our goal is for all students to feel a true sense of belonging, surrounded by supportive and encouraging sisters.​

“Once women find sisterhood,
there is nothing stronger.”

Zoë Kravitz


2021 Student Leadership Team


Head of School                          –        Sam Senior

Head of Boarding                     –        Emily Williamson

Head of Community                –        Annabelle Schneideman

Head of Arts                               –        Georgia Moynihan

Head of Service                         –        Camille Perelini

Head of Sport                             –        Lucy Murray

Head of Sustainability            –        Emma Ffwocs Williams

Head of Wellbeing                    –        Elisah Vili-Umaga


Head of Clan Leaders              –         Triny Cassidy

Heads of Balmoral                    –        Harriet Fletcher, Harriet Fleury

Heads of Braemar                     –      Triny Cassidy, Shishi Huang

Heads of Doune                          –         Tessa Reid, Lucy Vaughan

Heads of Dunvegan                   –         Harriet Graham, Megan Tansey

Heads of Glamis                         –         Ash Kelliher, Hayley McKellow

Heads of Stirling                        –         Rosa Blake, Saskia Simmers



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