Clan life is an essential part of the Rangi Ruru experience and it is within these groups that the school fosters a great sense of culture and fun.

The school has six clans named after Scottish castles – Balmoral, Glamis, Doune, Stirling, Dunvegan and Braemar. These allow vertical groupings of students from Years 7 to 13 that compete against one another in many school activities including the calendar highlight, Clan Singing.


Head of Clan Leaders: Alyssa Robinson

Heads of Balmoral: Jessica Miller, Hilary Royds

Heads of Braemar: Leah Berquist, Lucy Simpson

Heads of Doune: Jane Boyle, Annabelle McCulloch

Heads of Dunvegan: Jemima Bell, Prue Lange

Heads of Glamis: Kate Boyd, Alice Newbold

Heads of Stirling: Alyssa Robinson, Isabella Ullrich

Rangi Life