Board of Governors

The Board of Governors was established in 1946 when a group of Churchmen purchased the school. Christchurch Presbytery must approve appointments to the Board, but the Board is autonomous and decisions are taken in line with its policy and the school philosophy.

The Board include a nominee from the Rangi Ruru Old Girls’ Association and at least four current or past parents. The balance of the Board is made up of other volunteers from the wider school community. Board terms are generally for three years. Honorary members do not have responsibility for Board decisions.

The Board functions through several committees and sets its committees every year to reflect the core business of the Board. Currently there are Finance and Audit, Philanthropy, Campus Development, Appointments Remunerations and Development, Engagement, Future Thinking and Education Committees.

Our Board Members

  • Nicki Carter (Chairperson)
  • Stewart Barnett (Honorary Board Member)
  • Paul Bryden (Honorary Board Member)
  • Bridget Cushing (Honorary Board Member)
  • Murray Dickinson
  • Charlotte Gray
  • Georgina Hunter
  • Stephanie Marsden (Honorary Board Member)
  • Jo Dodgshun (Honorary Board Member)
  • Andrew McSweeney
  • Bob Penter (Deputy Chair)
  • Paul Davis
  • James Blake
  • Richard King
  • Stuart Hall

Parents interested in supporting the school with their time and expertise should send a CV to the Board Secretary, Neil Templeton at or Chairperson, Nicki Carter through the School office.

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