1. Lost property Cultural Concert

    There is quite a lot of lost property from the C Concert.  On the table outside P1.  Please claim from there today, after which you may claim it from the school lost property area.  Thanks.

  2. Auditions for Senior Production

    Auditions for Rangi Ruru’s Senior Production ‘REVENGE OF THE AMAZONS’ are Saturday 4 February 10.00am to 4.00pm. Sign up using the shared spreadsheet by following this link: http://bit.ly/RevengeAuditions Please note: Only people with a Rangi Ruru email address are able to log in to it.

  3. Resolutions Auditions Years 11-13

    Girls in Years 11-13 who wish to audition for Resolutions may do so after school on Thursday Feb 2nd in P1.  Information and signing up for auditions can be done at the Expo on Monday and Tuesday lunchtime next week.  Any questions please see either Jessie Anderson Yr 13, or Mrs Kingsbury.

  4. Music Online Calendar

    The Music Department has an online calendar with dates for all music groups, including performances, festivals, and extra rehearsals.  It is regularly updated.  Those involved with music please bookmark this and refer to it often.

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