1. Found – keys

    Two keys were found on the field – at the office to collect


    CLAN BADGES available from the school office $10 each, can be put on your gold sheet


    Named – all owners have been emailed Unnamed – there is a lot of unnamed items both school and mufti. If you haven’t been emailed and are missing items of clothing, please pop in to the office before 2pm Friday 21 December or after 8am Monday 14 January.

  4. Dental Care over the School Holidays

    Dental Care over the School Holidays The Community Dental Service will be providing emergency dental appointments on the 20th and 21st December 2018. A service will also operate Monday, 7th January – Tuesday, 29th January 2019. This service will operate by appointment only and if we are unable to see your child, alternative options will MORE

  5. Fush for Lunch on Friday 14th

    As part of our Māori Language Week activities, we have Fush coming on Friday for lunch!  See poster below for details.

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