All girls involved in the Craighead Exchange need to meet in the gym at interval on Tuesday. It is important that you attend. Plse ensure that the online permission form has been completed – check with your parents/guardians to ensure they do this by WEDNESDAY at the latest.  

  2. Year 9 Students – King Edward Exchange

    Applications are now open for the exchange in 2019 to King Edward school in Birmingham, England. This is for students who are currently in Year 9. If you are interested in applying, an information sheet and guidelines for parents are available from the front office. You will need to bring back signed permission from your MORE

  3. Cell Phone Found

    White cell phone with a badly cracked screen was found outside Te Koraha on Saturday. If this is yours you can pick it up from the school office.    

  4. IPOD Found

    Found on Hewitts Road. This can be picked up in the school office if it is yours.

  5. Watch Found

    A watch has been handed in which was found in the changing room. If this is yours please come to the office to collect it.

  6. Swimming Sports

    The programs for the 2018 swimming sports at Jellie Park on May 8th are now available. Download the 2018 Junior Program Download the 2018 Senior Program

  7. Uniform

    The Shop will be open on Monday at lunchtime. You can wear your summer uniform if necessary.

  8. Swimming Sports – Tuesday 8th May

    Swimming Sports 2018:  Briefing Full attendance expected. This is an important day for school and clan spirit and there is an event for everybody! Get involved for maximum enjoyment. There will be a clan roll taken so make sure you report personally to your clan leaders to be marked off as present. Wear full sports MORE

  9. Winter Uniform This Week

    Due to the extreme cold weather conditions in Christchurch we will be allowing students to wear their full winter uniform to school this week. This cannot be a mix of winter and summer uniform.


    Wednesday 4th April 1.45pm   INFORMATION FOR RACE DAY   GENERAL INFORMATION Eat a snack or a portion of your lunch at interval. Keep more food and a drink for after the race. Wear your Sports Uniform. You may like to wear some small clan item that will not interfere with your running. Take extra MORE

  11. Metro Bus Service – Sumner City Merivale

    The Public Transport team at Environment Canterbury and staff at Red Bus Ltd have now finalised the school bus services to city schools for 2018. Those services will begin between  Monday 29 January  Please use the following link for the timetable. 74 Sumner City Merivale TT JAN 2018

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