Art Inspires Cantamaths Entry

Applying a mathematical approach to beautiful design might not always seem logical but this is precisely what hundreds of students did at the 2016 Cantamaths competition held at Horncastle Area on 24 August.

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Amongst the thousands of entries to the Canterbury regional competition were a number of individual and team entries from Rangi Ruru girls including posters, research, models and other materials.

Year 9 student, Harriet Lord received special recognition for her work ‘Tantalising Torus” as one of only four students to win an outstanding award.

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Cantamaths has been inspiring Years 6 to 10 students in mathematics since 1972 and Head of Mathematics, Craig Bradley has been impressed with the high quality work delivered by the girls across all entries and makes particular mention to Harriet’s design. 

“This was an amazing piece of work which required accuracy, precision and a lot of persistence. On top of that it was presented beautifully with magnificent colours that just worked so well,” said Mr Bradley.

Seven girls also received excellence awards and fourteen girls achieved highly commended awards.

“Our girls [also] worked hard preparing for the team competitions and that preparation was rewarded with some very pleasing results,” he said.


Excellence awards

Pippa Lange- Trio of Rhombic Spirallohedrons

Meg Smith – Pythagoras, the Father of Music

Adelina Orwin – Numbers and Nature

Danielle McLaughlin – Paper Polyhedrons

Alicia Yee, Jess Wood, Amelie Spinks – Usain Bolt

Alicia Yee – Pablo Picasso meets Geometry


Highly commended awards

Amelia Adriaens – Spiralaterals

Annabel Limbrick – Fractals

Laura Bell – Profitability of Beef v Sheep Farm

Claudia Brown – Ancient Mathematics

Georgia Walker Mathematics in Ancient Egypt

Rosa Davies – William Jones and the History of Pi

Lily King – Teens and Social Media Use

Amy Clough – Bezier Curves

Georgina Scott – Screen Time

Genevieve Fulton – Klein Bottles

Jessica Yu – Origami Models

Isabella Reid – Hexadecagons

Emily Heald – Parabolas in Showjumping

Esther Hwang – Origami


Team competitions

The Year 9A team placed 4th on 85 points and Year 10A team made the top 10 with 80 points.  The Year 7 team scored a very respectable 60 points to be in the middle of the field of 90 teams and the Year 8 team finished with 95 points which had them in the top third.

 All places were out of a possible 100 points.


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