SVA Service Award

Student Volunteer Army

The SVA (Student Volunteer Army) is a New Zealand registered charity committed to advancing volunteering. The SVA service award has been created to encourage and mobilise high school students to do community service. Through implementing the SVA service award at Rangi, we aim to create an environment for positive change by encouraging girls to help those less fortunate. When one person volunteers, they inspire others. By utilising this, we can form a movement for community service.

Overall, we aim to create a movement for volunteering at Rangi. We want girls to understand how giving their time has a wide-spread impact, and that it will benefit those who need it.

In 2015, World Leaders agreed to 17 goals to better our world by 2030. These are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The SVA are working to mobilise action towards these goals. Every time you do volunteer work, or community service, this will be directed towards at least one of these goals. Therefore, your volunteering is contributing to a bigger picture, the solving of world-wide issues. You can find out more about the goals on the website

What you should aim for

We strongly encourage all students to achieve:

  • 5 hour member pin by the end of Year 9/first year
  • 32 hour bronze pin by the end of Year 10/second year

We also encourage all students to be working towards achieving the 250 hour silver pin or the 500 hour gold pin by the end of Year 13.

How to take part

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