Reports & Profiles

Students and their parents receive both written and oral reports during the year. Reports are available to parents through the Parent Portal.

  • Progress reports for all students: End of Term 1
  • Full reports for Years 11, 12 and 13 students: End of Term 2. The LPI in Term 3 replaces written reports
  • Full reports for Years 7 – 10: End of Terms 2 and 4
  • Years 12 and 13: Leavers receive Leaver Profiles at the end of Term 4.

NCEA internal assessment and school exam results will be available in Term 3 for students studying at Levels 1, 2 and 3. Internal assessment is finalised in Term 4.

NCEA students can use their Learner Login to check their internal results on the NZQA site from the end of Term 3 using their NSN (National Student Number). A card with their unique NSN number is provided to them and they should note the number as it allows them access to useful information from NZQA as they continue their learning pathways in the future.

Oral reports are provided both on request by parents and by means of Learning Progress Interviews. If parents feel their daughter is not making satisfactory progress during the year, they should communicate in the first instance with the year level Dean who will gather information from relevant staff and provide them with an oral report.

School communications are sent to those parties you identified on your Contact Details Sheet at the beginning of the year. If these details should change, please contact the school office. In accordance with New Zealand law, we are required to provide information to both parents (where possible) unless notified by court order. This includes school reports and information pertaining to attendance and student welfare.

Leavers’ Profiles

When a student leaves Rangi Ruru between Year 7 and Year 11 she can request up to date information about her academic achievements.

When a student leaves school at the end of Year 12 or Year 13 she may apply for a Leavers’ Profile, which sets out her achievements and senior academic results in her years at Rangi Ruru. An account of her personal qualities and work habits is included in the profile.


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