IT Services

IT Services at Rangi Ruru provide assistance and support to students, staff and parents with their technology needs. If you are having difficulties with printing, wifi connection, choosing the right hardware, uploading software or accessing the Parent Portal, contact the Helpdesk on 03 983 3729 or visit the team in the Gibson Centre.

Quick videos to help with using and managing software and hardware are coming soon, so watch this space.


Rangi Ruru operates a compulsory ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) policy.  This means that every student will be expected to bring a digital device and charger, that is capable of connecting to a wireless network and browsing the internet.

Students can bring whatever device they feel most comfortable using; Windows laptop or tablet, MacBook Pro or Air, iPad or Android tablet, it really is a matter of personal preference. Students should be aware that there are some limitations with iPads and Android devices that can make it more difficult to upload files as it is not possible to browse for files within their folders. Senior students should also check the requirements for their option subjects to see if a particular device is recommended or required.

While any internet-ready device is acceptable, students need to be able to perform basic computing tasks such as word processing and internet research. While these are possible on smart phones and iPods, their small size may mean that they are not ideal. We would suggest that a 7-8” tablet device (iPad Mini, Google Nexus or Galaxy Tab) is a realistic minimum.

All students have access to the Microsoft Office suite through their browsers by logging in to their school Office 365 account.  The school is unable to install any other applications on student-owned devices. However, the school will continue to provide computing resources for those subjects that have specific software and hardware requirements.

Accessing Email

For easy access to the Rangi Ruru email system, click here. This will take you to an Outlook Live login screen which is the system we use for email. Your username is your school email address (eg. OR and your password is the same one you use to log into the school computers.


Click here and follow the instructions to top up your print credits.

Click here for instructions on how to print to the school printers from your laptop.

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