Guidance & Support

One of Rangi Ruru’s significant strengths is the Guidance & Support Network. In addition to Deans and Tutors, the Guidance & Support Network consists of the Chaplain, Guidance and Careers Counsellors and two Special Needs Coordinators. These people have specialist training to ensure that all students progress well through their years at school.

The Guidance & Support Network can help with – Subject Choices, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Study Skills, Time Management, Motivation, Goal Setting, Confidence Building, Assertion Training, Spiritual Guidance, Career Planning, Relationship Skills, Friendship Issues, One-to-one Counselling, Family Counselling, Group Skills, Relaxation Techniques, Health and Fitness, Special Needs.

The programmes offered include – Peer Support, Life Skills, Health Education, Sexuality Education, Leadership Training, Career Education, Transition Education, Religious Education, Community Service and Parent Education.

All these people have special skills and abilities to ensure that students’ personal, social, learning and spiritual needs are met. They are available for students and appointments may be made at the Student Services Centre or by emailing the appropriate staff member.


The year level Dean works closely with tutors and subject teachers. Deans receive training in pastoral care and all staff are trained and alerted to watch for indications that a student needs help and support for any reason. Our Dean of International Students takes care of students from overseas.

Guidance Counselling Service

The school provides a professionally trained counsellor to help ensure the wellbeing of all students in the school. In counselling, people are helped to explore any difficulties or concerns and to develop satisfying solutions.

The counsellor is a useful resource person for information, for liaising with people within the school to ensure best outcomes for students, for suggesting appropriate outside support and agencies when necessary, and for providing programmes, strategies and support for parents.

A trained counsellor is bound by the New Zealand Association of Counsellors Code of Ethics and is required to respect confidentiality.

Chaplain and Church

In addition to working with students the Chaplain offers pastoral care to students, staff, and the wider school community. Parents and caregivers are welcome to contact the Chaplain if they have any concerns about their daughters, or any other areas of concern that they feel the Chaplain could help with. This may include pastoral care in family matters, at a time of illness or death in the family, or taking a funeral service.

Student Peer Support Systems

The following peer support systems are also in place:

  • Clans are groupings of students from Years 7-13. Clans includes students from every year level and Clan Leaders run student activities throughout the year
  • Form Seniors are Year 13 girls who meet with their Year 7-11 tutor group every week
  • Peer Support programme encourages Year 12 student leaders to have an ongoing supportive relationship with small groups from Years 7, 8 and 9
  • Boarding House buddy system operates and has a special orientation programme for new boarders.

See Key Contacts for contact details for members of the Guidance network.

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