Digital Citizenship

Rangi Ruru has a team approach to Digital Citizenship with all members of its community accepting responsibility for maintaining a safe online environment. All staff and students sign a Responsible Use Agreement which outlines the expected standard of conduct when using devices.

Responsible Use Agreement

Every tutor goes over the Student Responsible Use Agreement to ensure that the students have a clear understanding of their responsibilities when using devices.
Click here to see the 2020 Digital Engagement Agreement

The Cyber Angel Programme

Years 7 – 11 have two senior students who act as their Cyber Angels. They deliver the following programme, encouraging the students to make good choices which are based on the Rangi values.

  • How to have a positive digital reputation
  • Sharing personal information
  • Photos – making good choices
  • Balancing online time with the real world
  • Making a positive difference through social media.

Health Programme

As part of the Years 9 and 10 Health programme students gain an understanding of decision making and consequences around digital use.  Topics covered include:

  • Cyber bullying
  • Online communication safety
  • Responsible use of photos

Year Group Meetings

If specific issues regarding digital use arise within a year group, the Information Services Manager and Guidance Counsellor will address these at Year group Meetings.

Parent Education

Visiting speakers are widely advertised when arranged.

Who to contact

For general information about Digital Citizenship contact Hannah Clarkson on or phone 03 983 3741.
For specific concerns relating to a particular student contact the Form Tutor, Dean of year group or the Counselling Services.

The following people are available for students to contact:

Tutor Group Cyber Angel
Form Tutor
Dean of year group
Guidance Counsellor

Depending on the nature of the concern, most issues are resolved at this level. However, for more serious breaches of the Responsible Use Agreement, the Deputy to the Principal and the Principal may also be involved.

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