Crisis & Emergency

Keeping our community safe is the responsibility of everyone in our school community. Below is a list of actions parents and students can undertake to ensure they are prepared.

  1. Ensure the information we hold on you is current – advise the School Office of any changes to your contact details
  2. Ensure you are up to date with school emergency procedures – read the crisis information contained in the Family Handbook
  3. Know who to contact and how to access information – familiarise yourself with school information. Keep a copy of information about school communications and contacts in a crisis where you can find them
  4. Keep our community safe – if you have information which you believe relates to the safety and wellbeing of members of our school community, contact your daughter’s Dean or the Deputy to the Principal.

During the year we undertake a number of fire, earthquake and lockdown drills. We also have processes for dealing with severe weather and personal crises involving our students, staff or people close to the school community.

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