Community Service

Community Service at Rangi Ruru


Students at Rangi Ruru are involved in all different types of community service. Last year Rangi Ruru fundraised over $19,000 for various charities and senior students participated in over a thousand hours of community service. This year the concept of Community Service will  also be introduced to junior students by form seniors.

General School Service
Rangi Ruru has a wide range of general school service opportunities including weekly offering, where girls bring in spare change every week. This collectively can result in a huge amount of funds raised (last year we raised over $3000). Every term a different charity is chosen for funds to be donated towards. The previous year causes we donated to included Home and Family, Nepal and Vanuatu and the Champion centre. The charity we have started off raising funds for this year is the Fred Hollows Foundation for The Blind. During the end of Term One students bring in marshmallow Easter eggs which are then taken around and given out to the elderly in rest homes on the last day of term by Year 7 and 8 students. During Term two girls can bring in non-perishable items, which are donated to the City Mission. Each non-perishable item equals one clan point and last year over 900 non-perishable items were donated by students.

Junior School Service
Though also participating in general school service, Year 7 and 8 girls help give out Easter eggs to rest homes in Term 1. As well as this Year 8s raise money for “chores for charity”, where students use chore money raised to buy presents for children whose parents are in prison.

Senior School Service
Year 12 and 13 students each have a yellow card where a minimum of 20 hours per student is required. Throughout the year they are offered various volunteering opportunities – for charities, schools, work places and events. A high number of girls tend to do over 100 hours of community service also, and can also join the service council and donate time to the school community through peer support, tutoring sessions and coaching.

SVA Service Award
The SVA service award has been created to encourage and mobilise high school students to do community service. Through implementing the SVA service award at Rangi, we aim to create an environment for positive change by encouraging girls to help those less fortunate. When one person volunteers, they inspire others. By utilising this, we can form a movement for community service. Learn more about the SVA Service Award here.


Want to get involved, find out more and have any ideas of causes you think Rangi Ruru students should help? Contact Director of Community Service, Tania Morgan: or Head of Community, Francesca Gallaway:

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