Accounts Email Issue

We have been made aware of a problem where some people are not receiving email communications from the school. If this has been happening to you, please take a few minutes to review the tips below. We send out email communications regularly, so if you notice that you have not been receiving emails from us, it is important that you make us aware. Unfortunately this is a common issue with email communication, which is why for anything important we will always try to communicate with you via multiple channels (e.g. Facebook, the School App, and via the Website).

  • If you know that you do not receive some emails from us, first do a search of all your email folders for It is important that this is done directly in your email provider account (i.e. through gmail, hotmail, outlook etc., and not through a 3rd party app or email program). It is possible our emails are being sent to your junk/spam folder, or in the case of gmail one of the other inboxes, such as Promotions.
  • Please add our domain or email addresses to your safe sender list. If you have the option to do this at domain level, which will include any emails coming from a “” email address, then do this by adding as the domain in your safe sender list. Otherwise you will need to list each email separately, e.g., (for accounts) and (for InTouch). Please make sure you log in to your email account directly to do this, and not do it through an email app.
  • For Outlook, this is found in Settings/Junk email. You may need to look up where to find it if you do not use Outlook or Gmail.
  • For Gmail, if you find an email from Rangi Ruru in your Spam folder, you have the option to report “Not as a junk”, which will stop emails from that sender going into your Spam folder.
  • Even if you do receive emails from us regularly, it is still a good idea to add our email addresses as safe senders to help prevent any future issues.
  • If you did not find any emails from us in the above steps, they are being blocked at your email’s server level, whichunfortunately we cannot control. However, if you send an email to us at, using the subject line “Email Test Please Reply”, we will then reply to you, and you can add the email as a safe sender as per above. If you do not receive a reply please let us know.
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