Uniform Requirements

The way a student dresses reflects the kind of person they are. Cleanliness, good grooming and appropriate attire all contribute to a healthy, productive learning atmosphere. An essential of good grooming is a clean, tidy, well-pressed uniform, which should be worn complete. The uniform code is also written in the Student Handbook and is strictly enforced.

Students are expected to wear the appropriate uniform in a tidy and appropriate manner, and we greatly appreciate parent support in this.

Sometimes the unforeseen happens and your daughter may not have her complete uniform. In this case she must bring a note from home to the Deputy to the Principal who will issue her with an exemption.

Temporary or long-term exemptions from uniform regulations require a letter from a parent or caregiver and must be carried by the student. Students will need to see the Deputy to the Principal for a Uniform Pass.

The final decision on all matters relating to the uniform resides with the Principal.

Wearing the Rangi Ruru Uniform

  • Blazers must be worn for formal occasions and on the street, except in very warm weather when shirt sleeves are permitted (summer uniform only)
  • Year 13 students wear gold braid on their blazers (they are responsible for ensuring this is on for the beginning of the year)
  • School-approved scarf is optional. It is not to be worn in class or in Assembly and no other scarf may be worn
  • Polyprops etc worn under the school blouse must not be visible
  • Hair is to be worn in a practical style. Longer hair is to be neatly tied back with plain white, navy or gold coloured hair fasteners
  • Fringes should not obscure vision, and hair should not fall over the face. Hair styles and colouring should be appropriate for school
  • Make-up is not to be worn with school uniform. Fingernails should be short and neatly cut. Clear or natural nail varnish may be worn
  • The only jewellery permitted is a single small gold, or silver or pearl stud in each ear lobe, and a watch. No facial piercings are allowed.
  • Any exemptions require a parental letter to the Deputy Principal. Cultural considerations will be taken into account.


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