Clothing for Boarders

Space is limited in the House and it is important that only items of clothing on the list are brought into the house in each term, selected according to the season.

Personal Clothing

The following is a reasonable list of clothes to bring into the Boarding House:

  • Shoes, sandals, jandals (two pair, one for the shower)
  • Casual clothing for after school and weekends as appropriate for the season
  • Slippers or scuffs
  • Dress/skirt for formal occasions and weekly formal dinners
  • Jeans
  • Jerseys, cardigans and/or sweatshirts
  • Tops
  • Nightwear
  • Underwear (suggest merino or thermal for the winter) at least three of everything
  • Sports clothing and mouth guard (as required)
  • Paper handkerchiefs or tissues
  • Waterproof jacket or raincoat
  • Umbrella.

Each girl is required to bring the following items:

  • A water drinking bottle*
  • One shoe cleaning outfit
  • Toiletries – shampoo, soap, toothbrush, face cloth
  • One hot water bottle (with cover)*
  • Stamps for letters home*
  • Coat hangers clearly named
  • One named coffee/drinking mug
  • One small padlock for her lockable drawer*
  • Cap or sunhat, sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Beach/swimming towel.

* very important items

In addition:

  • One net laundry bag will be supplied and charged for
  • Storage is available for skis and larger items of sports equipment
  • Cycle helmets and hi-vis vests are compulsory for all girls riding bicycles.

Additional Information

We require all girls to have an Emergency Bag.  This is a drawstring bag (about A3 size) containing such things as: a torch, a warm jersey, track pants, old sports shoes, polar fleece blanket ($5 or $6 at Bed Bath and Beyond) and a bottle of water.

Bed linen and towels are provided.  Each girl is provided with her own pillow when she starts in the Boarding House. In addition girls may bring their own duvet cover and/or duvet and pillow if they wish.

Large sound systems with external speakers are not appropriate in the boarding environment. Smaller devices such as ipods or mp3 players with headphones are more suitable.  Please ensure these are clearly named.  The Boarding House cannot accept responsibility for loss of such items if they are not securely locked away when not in use.

All belongings must be clearly named or clearly printed with permanent maker pen.  We recommend printed labels that can be sewn on (as we find iron-on labels are not durable enough).  Spare labels should be brought along to sew onto any new purchases. Please ensure your daughter has a permanent marker pen so she can label any new purchases immediately.


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