A trip to Wellington

I was fortunate enough to attend the Presbyterian Schools’ Conference a few weeks ago.Attending with me were Dr Hastie and two students Courtney Webb and Grace Titterton.

While Dr Hastie and I listened to many speakers the girls were engaged at Te Kakano Marae in the Hutt looking at Social Justice issues. After sitting for three and a bit hours on the tarmac in Christchurch…fog!!! they managed to get stuck into the issues around ‘Child poverty in NZ’ and ‘domestic violence in NZ’. Each group was asked to present on the Friday and oh my goodness did our girls shine. They and those from other Presbyterian schools presented a very powerful skit about domestic violence. Their presentation was incredibly moving and illustrated how families  are so vulnerable  and can break down so easily, thus allowing a cycle of violence to permeate generations to come.

Initially all the students were nervous, but by the end of their time on the marae they had become a powerful, energized, engaged and motivated group of friends who were passionate about social justice…no not just in words, but in action.

On return to school Courtney has already begun to put the wheels in motion for her next project around social justice. Watch this space, I will keep you informed.

These young women were a credit to their school, their families and to themselves. I felt proud to be with them.


Rev K

Rangi Life