8 Rowing medals at the South Island Club Champs

Rangi Ruru Cleans Up With 6 Gold Medals at Weekend Rowing Champs

The Rangi Ruru rowers had a successful weekend at the South Island Club Champs this weekend at Lake Ruataniwha.

6X Gold:

Open eight: Izzy Inkson, Anneka Calder, Alice Sproat, Bella Carter, Millie Knight, Emma Stephens, Claire Watson, Samantha Vance and Amber Williams

Under 16 eight: Francesca Gallaway, Samantha Vance, Charlotte Gray, Samantha Summerfield, Lauren Staplyton-Smith, Chloe Berge, Rosa Jones, Lily King and Hilary Royds

Novice eight: Rosie Gray, Chloe Berge, Tessa Reid, Kyla Otway, Emma Ffwocs-Williams, Holly O’Laughlin, Rosa Blake and Sophie Pye

Intermediate eight: Franny Ullrich, Scarlett Bown, Penny Frost, Brianna Yates, Saskia Murray, Rosa Dalzell, Penny Procter, Holly Ellis and Jemima Porter

Under 16 Four: Lauren Staplyton-Smith, Samantha Vance, Charlotte Gray, Lily King and Hilary Royds

Under 16 Quad Scull: Samantha Vance, Francesca Gallaway, Charlotte Gray, Lily King and Hilary Royds


1X Silver

Under 19 Four: Millie Knight, Bella Carter, Claire Watson, Jemima Bell and Amber Williams


1X Bronze

Under 19 Four (2): Alice Sproat, Anneka Calder, Imogen Bell, Emma Stephens and Sophie Nelson


“We have some very happy girls and coaches”, says rowing coach Mark Cotham.


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