Partnership Between Rangi Ruru and Crimson Consulting

Dr Sandra Hastie and Jamie Beaton

Leading New Zealand Girls’ School, Rangi Ruru and innovative education and career pathway specialists, Crimson Consulting, have announced a milestone collaboration in Christchurch.


This will be the first time in New Zealand that a school has partnered with personalised learning platform, Crimson Consulting to deliver ongoing on-site career advice and integrated support to its students.

Crimson has appointed an exceptional Harvard Graduate as the Career Pathway Strategist who will commence their employment at the beginning of Term 3 (1 August) and will be based at Rangi Ruru full-time. Wen Qiu has a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, has been studying a Master of Education in International Education Policy and she has worked for several years mentoring students around educational and research opportunities.

Crimson Consulting provides full-service career pathway support including, mentorship, leadership development and tutoring, to students around the world.

Rangi Ruru Principal Dr Sandra Hastie says this collaboration is significant because it brings an incredible number of opportunities to Christchurch students.

“Whether it’s access to one of the top universities in the world, a university in New Zealand, options for a gap year or a polytechnic trade certificate, working with Crimson Consulting will provide our students with every opportunity to take the career pathway they want to – with the best chance of success. Rangi Ruru will be offering other Crimson Consulting services to students across the region, developing and bringing to students, opportunities that are currently not visible nor available including for example, SAT¹ and ACT² classes,” she says.

Jamie Beaton, CEO and Co-founder of Crimson Consulting, says Crimson acts as a conduit for students who want information, support, personalised tuition and mentoring as they consider education and career options.

“Whether students are considering studying, for example, Economics at a top ivy league in the US, English at an Oxbridge³ in the UK or a high-skill trade at a Polytechnic in New Zealand, we provide the support they need to achieve what they want to,” he says.  “Our collaboration with Rangi Ruru opens the door to their students and to students from wider Christchurch and Canterbury.”

“Crimson has been providing personalised support to students across New Zealand and around the world with incredible success. Not all students are leaders, not all students are going to go to med school or Harvard and that’s exactly why this collaboration is so important. It will give ALL students the opportunity to be the best they can be at whatever they want to be – and we help them discover that,” says Mr Beaton.

Dr Hastie says Rangi Ruru is focused on being at the forefront of education innovation, adapting to the needs of a rapidly changing world.

“30 years ago, we had two careers and five jobs in our working lifetimes. Now our young people will have 17 jobs and five careers, to say nothing of the world “mega trends” – artificial intelligence, global connectivity and digital disruption – playing a big part in exactly what those careers and jobs could be,” she says.

“As a result of this partnership between Rangi Ruru and Crimson Consulting, our girls and students from outside Rangi Ruru, will have every opportunity in the world, quite literally, to head where they want to,” says Dr Hastie.

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