Rangi Ruru Showjumpers Win Regional Champs


The Rangi Ruru “Gold” Equestrian Show Jumping team has been placed first at the Canterbury Interschools Champs held on Wednesday 17 February at the National Equine Centre on McLeans Island.

Having last won this competition in 2008 and up against an extremely strong field of 30 teams, with many nationally competitive rider, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School Equestrian Coach Pippa Young says the win underscores the exceptional talent the school has coming through.

“These girls are New Zealand quality showjumpers and we have a large number of new riders coming in who are taking up the reins when the older riders finish at Rangi and move on,” she says. “We have increasing strength clearly coming through at all levels.”

The winning Rangi Ruru team (pictured) was Annabelle Jones (Year 9); Brianna Bailey (Year 11); Leah Zydenbos (Year 10) and Florence Tapley who is team captain (Year 13).

A second Rangi Ruru team with members from Years 9 through 12 (Blue Team), competed strongly.

Young says there was some “lovely riding” during the day with many competing in ¹Show Hunter classes for the first time. Alexis Harmon a member of the Blue Team was fourth in the Equitation amongst all riders and won the Year 9 Show Hunter class.

“These girls are focused. They know what they can achieve and they work extremely hard to get there, as individuals and as a team,” she says.

Rangi Ruru is into its third year of offering Equine Studies to students, supported by enabling girls to “bring their horse to school” during the school year.

The next key event on the equestrian calendar for Rangi Ruru is the Canterbury Dressage competition at McLeans Island, about which Pippa Young is optimistic.

“We have the riders who could look very good this year,” she says.

¹ www.nzequestrian.org.nz/jumping/about/about-show-hunter

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